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Who has the say in arranging a funeral

Deciding who has the say on the funeral details can sometimes be confusing.   We've listed below those persons whom the courts will determine are legally able to make decisions .   There are always circumstances that affect this list, so please check with your legal representative  if you anticipate a problem on this issue.


Who has the say?

The executor

The next of kin

    Spouse (including a de facto partner)

    Children of the deceased


Following these, a variety of relatives of the deceased:

Grandchildren or great-grandchildren

Brothers and sisters



Children of brothers and sisters

Uncles and aunts

First cousins

Anyone else the court may appoint


This list is meant to be a guide only and in no way represents legal advice.

It is always a good idea to have thought about this well in advance to avoid any extra stress at the time of a death.

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