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Pre-paid funerals

Once a pre paid funeral agreement is in place and all of the contracts have been agreed to and signed, there is no more to pay, even if the service isn’t required for another 50 years !

After paying all of the cemetery fees, GST (as required) and the establishment fee, the remainder of the money is placed into a Capital Guaranteed Funeral Fund (in your name), which is unable to be accessed without a full death certificate .

There are many other advantages of pre paying your funeral:

It ensures that your wishes will be carried out in a dignified and meaningful way, as specified on our Pre-paid Funeral Agreement.

  • It provides assurance that the funeral you desire is fully paid for, removing the burden of coming up with a sum of money during a difficult time for your family
  • It protects pensions. The money invested in a pre-paid funeral bond does not affect your pension and is not subject to asset testing, nor does it affect deeming.
  • It offers protection from inflation. All funeral benefits and assistance are still available to your family.
  • Offers security and peace of mind on your investment because your money is held by an independent Government-regulated body.

Key features and benefits

  • You select your preferred funeral director and type of service.  This is clearly detailed in a contract.
  • You pay for the plan in today’s prices, ensuring that you know what your full financial commitment is and that you are protected from the future rising funeral costs.
  • You choose to pay in a lump sum or by installment over a fixed time period.
  • Your funds are secure, as your investment is held independently of the Funeral Director and invested in a capital guaranteed investment vehicle.  Should your selected funeral firm cease to operate, your money is still available to use with an alternate funeral director.
  • Your funeral director will only be paid when proof that the agreed funeral service has been provided.
  • Pre-paid funerals are not viewed as part of your personal assets and are exempt from the Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Income and Assets test (up to $12,000 (indexed each year)).
  • You can obtain a pre-paid funeral plan regardless of your age or condition of health.

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

It might not be easy to think about planning your funeral, but it is important. Once you’ve made your plans, you can get back to living life to the full, knowing that there’s one less thing for your family to worry about. We offer a range of options to make starting the process easier. 

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