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Natural Burial Grounds

Whats included - Natural Burial Services

Welcome to the Clarke Funerals 'Natural Burial Services Guide'.  

Unattended Burial Services

Direct Burial Package from $2,400 plus cemetery fees

Designed as a simple unattended burial graveside with no formal service


  • Professional services fee
  • Eco Coffin
  • Mortuary care 
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital included
  • Simple committal service at graveside


Graveside Service from $2,895 plus cemetery fees and setup # 

A dignified graveside service


  • Professional services fee
  • Eco Coffin
  • Mortuary care
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • CD music as requested
  • Transfer from Coroner or Public Hospital
  • Staff Funeral Celebrant
  • Use of hearse on day of service
  • Funeral service with eulogy conducted graveside

For services from a cemetery chapel the Traditional Service Package is to be used as a guide.  Contact us for full details. 

This service is available as a larger upgraded service from $3,500 - $3,895.  

# If required.

How much does a funeral cost ?

Natural Earth Burial

No service - direct burial

$ 2,400 + cemetery fees

Graveside service

$ 2,895 + cemetery fees

Traditional graveside service

$ 3,895** + cemetery fees

** Designed for larger gatherings with additional chairs and canopies.

Natural Burial Ground


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Burials in Adelaide are usually twice the cost of a cremation service.  The cost of a burial grant (site)  is generally from $3,575 but will vary depending on the location, whether it is lawn or a beam style and number of years purchased.   Burial services can be conducted in a number of ways, including graveside only, chapel to graveside, or church to graveside.

There are many elements that make up the costs of a burial service :

Professional service fees of a funeral director

Coffin or Casket choice

Minister or celebrant fees

Cemetery charges including the licence and digging and setup fees

Additional items or services that will incur costs:

Funeral flowers

Death certificate

Funeral and death notices (if required)

Memorial cards and book

On top of all cemetery burial grant fees are interment fees (ie: grave digging and preparation) and location setup fees.  These vary subject to location.  Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

How it works

When someone dies it can be a difficult and confusing time.  We are available all hours to help bring your loved one into our care.

Once the necessary clearances have been obtained we will collect the person who has died and look after them in our mortuary. We do not undertake any invasive procedures such as embalming.

The next step in arranging a funeral is collating and  completing the required paperwork during the funeral arrangements. The information required is straightforward and we will guide you through the process.  We take care of all the required medical certificates or liase with the State Coroner.


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