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Wirra Wonga Natural Burial Ground

About Wirra Wonga

Wirra Wonga, South Australia’s first official natural burial area, is a tranquil bushland environment that offers a unique final resting place.

In natural burial, the body (or cremated remains) is prepared for burial or interment without chemical preservatives and an eco friendly biodegradable coffin or casket is used. The body or remains are returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled to new life.

Located at Enfield Memorial Park, Wirra Wonga, the Kaurna name for ‘bush grave’, has been cultivated using plants indigenous to the adjacent Folland Park Reserve and over time the bushland will become a living and lasting natural memorial.

In an endeavour to keep the habitat as natural as possible there is no physical identification at the site of burial, but accurate plotting and recording is undertaken allowing current and future generations to locate the place of burial. There are no headstones, vases or flowers at the graveside. Double graves are side by side, to avoid damaging any existing root growth.

At Wirra Wonga the names of those interred may be recorded on a communal memorial stone at the entrance to the area.

Wirra Wonga provides for both single and companion burials and the interment of cremated remains.


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Natural Burial Pricing

Burial - Natural Burial with a shroud

Basic package from $2,895 + Cemetery Fees   


  • Professional service fee
  • Eco Coffin or Shroud
  • Staff Celebrant
  • Normal hours transfer from a Public Hospital or State Coroner
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate.
  • 12 Line Funeral Notice Adelaide Advertiser M-F
  • CD Music Graveside
  • Simple floral sheaf
  • Eco Mortuary care
  • All medical documentation
(Full service incl. burial licence and interment fees fr $7,746)

A greener way

Our natural burial service is our special eco friendlier package.

The concept of a green funeral was born from the realisation that it is important to consider the environment in all aspects of life.  It is our legacy to future generations.

Environmentally friendly practices with sensitive guidelines enable us to deliver a very unique affordable service


Ask the question . . .

Does the funeral director you talk to actually know anything about green funerals or green living ?

 We do.  We live in a green home !

We have self contained solar and wind power, self sufficient water supply and adhere to green living practices where possible.

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Shroud Burials.

We are proud to offer our own unique, legal and dignified shroud burial option in South Australia.

After much development, a new shroud burial concept is now available that is both dignified and comply's with all legal requirements in SA.

Our shroud burial system has the following advantages over past systems:

  • The body can be viewed in nearly all situations without difficulty
  • The trundle system that the body is placed on is made from plantation pine and is completely natural
  • The body is viewed in a natural calico sleeping bag type shroud that eliminates the problem with synthetic clothing only being available
  •  A discrete outer shell is placed over the trundle during transport and for any chapel or church funeral service.  This is a more dignified means to conduct a service with all sizes and shapes, possible odours, religious requirements and the ability to place flowers on top all easily catered for. 
Our system is designed to ensure maximum dignity for the deceased right up to the burial.  Only the natural trundle component is buried with the deceased, ensuring a truly eco friendly service.

Other things to know

Coffin options and things to know

We offer for cremation services as standard an unpolished coffin made from low polluting E Zero board, our large range of cardboard coffins or wicker/willow or even wool coffins.    All contain no toxic lacquers or stains.  

Plastic handles are never cremated or buried and the unnecessary use of all plastic items discouraged.  This includes plastic flowers, cellophane wrapping, etc.  Only biodegradable chemicals and solutions are used, thus avoiding pollutants being emitted either into the water table or the atmosphere.