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Do It Yourself

Some may wish to make their own formal or informal arrangements for a funeral. We can provide a service where we look after the transfer to our mortuary, mortuary preparations and guidance in ensuring legal obligations are met.

DIY Basic Assistance Service

$ 1,360

Designed to make DIY funerals easier by looking after all the mortuary needs and transportation in appropriate and approved vehicles.

This service is based on the following :


  • Transfer from place of death all hours.
  • All mortuary care
  • Transfer to a location of your choice in metro Adelaide
  • Transfer from a location of your choice in metro Adelaide
  • Assistance in preparing all required documentation

Things to consider :

For cremation :

  • A coffin
  • Doctors Medical Certificates
  • Registering the death 
  • Cremation permit
  • Cremation fee
  • Coffin nameplate

For burial :

  • A coffin (unless a natural burial **)
  • Doctors Medical Certificates
  • Registering the death
  • Coffin nameplate
  • A cemetery grant/licence for a site
  • Cemetery or grave digging fees
  • Cemetery equipment to lower the coffin

** For shroud burial a body must be transported to and within a cemetery in a coffin.

In the event that one of the three transfers included are not required a deduction in the price may be available.  Talk to us for full details