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Cremation services are the most common funeral choice made by South Australians when it comes to deciding what to do with the body of a loved one who has passed. Clarke Family Funerals offer a large range of personalised cremation services all over Adelaide.

Cremation services and memorial options

A cremation service can be a highly personal service, often referred to as a memorial or 'celebration of life'.

Cremation funeral services may be held before or after the cremation has taken place. Most families have the coffin with the body of your loved one present. This service is known as a traditional funeral service.   

A cremation memorial is held after the body has been cremated and is generally less formal than a traditional service funeral. A memorial can act similarly to a funeral service, but instead of having the body present, the cremated remains will be present. 

Legal requirements when preparing cremation services or memorials

There are many legal requirements when it comes to preparing for a cremation. Clarke Family Funerals can assist you with planning for the service and arranging all the required permits, medical certificates and all other requirements.

Religious attitudes to cremation

There are some religious groups that practice cremation and some that will forbid its use. Religions such as Muslims and Greek Orthodox and Orthodox Jews will not cremate in line with their beliefs. Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists will practice cremation. Most Christian religions will support either burial or being cremated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is cremation cheaper than burial?
Generally yes.  This will also depend on the level of services you would like as well as the type of coffin or casket.  We offer set packages as well as custom designed.  Feel free to call us for further details.

How much does it cost to be cremated?
The cost of cremation varies subject to location.  Generally the prices range from $330 - $800

Can I be there when the cremation takes place?
Yes,.  A fee is payable to do what is called 'witness the charge'.  This is available at Enfield Memorial Park and Centennial Park Crematoriums.

Will the coffin be cremated?
Yes, always.  The coffin is an essential and legally required part of the cremation process. There is a nameplate attached to the coffin which will stay with the remains until the completion of the process to ensure the identity of the cremated is proven.

Who can direct the method of disposal of the remains?
Only the authorised person who applied for the cremation will be allowed to make decisions in regards to the cremated remains. The applicant for cremation may make a written transfer of their rights to another person who will then be accepted as an authority.

Can I send personal items in to be cremated with my loved one?
We suggest keeping this to a minimum.  Cards, photos, special items of clothing are ok but anything that can explode is not acceptable (ie: no batteries). We prefer that families keep personal jewellery items to hand down to the next generation of the family.

What container can I use to store the ashes?
All crematoriums provide cremated remains (the Ashes) in a standard crematorium plastic container.  Families may choose to keep their loved ones remains in a more decorative urn. Urn’s can be found in a range of styles and materials, and a variety of price points. Metal, eco cardboard, stone or timber are common urns.

For any further information regarding cremation services in Adelaide please feel free to call us on 1800 686 985. 

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