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A sample range

Shown a just a few of the many cremated remains urns available.  Call us or send an email to request pricing or further information on the selected range shown.

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Our most popular urn

Pewter and Gold Adult Urn.

Also available - small keepsake urns.

Bio / Eco Urns

Pink Blossom


 Grey Blossom


 Beach Urn


 Earth Burial Urn


 Water Urn

(Dissolves within 5 minutes).

Wooden Urns

 Wood Walnut Satin Finish


 Rosewood Urn


Heart Keepsakes

A keepsake to keep a small amount of remains in.


 Pink Heart


 Blue Birds Going Home

Keepsake Pendents

 Premium 18ct Gold Cross


 White Love Heart


 Economy Silver Finish Heart


Purple Butterfly


Economy Gold Finish Heart


 Cylinder Keepsake

Metal Adult Urns

Many of these are also available as smaller keepsake urns.


 White Silver Urn

 Pewter Urn

 Gold and Silver Urn

 Pewter and Gold Urn

 Silver Acorn (shown with keepsake)

 Blue Urn

What the cremated remains initially are placed in.

This is an image of the standard urn which all crematoriums use.  It holds the remains of the average adult.  The bung/cap you see at the top requires a slotted screw driver to remove.

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