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How much does it cost ?

We offer four types of cremation services

No Service - Direct Cremation (cheapest)

Essential Services  (good low cost chapel services)

Traditional Services  (traditional chapel or church services)

Premium Services  (best value and quality)

Each vary in products and services offered and location.


There are a number of crematoriums available in Adelaide and the decision to choose cremation is a very personal choice.  Some choose it for the cost, religious beliefs,  or even the way the service will be held.  We will ask you right from the start whether you wish to have a cremation or burial so that we can identify the specific documents that will need to be completed in arranging the service.

The crematorium chapels we use in Adelaide are listed below with approximate seating capacity also listed :

Enfield Memorial Park :

Folland Chapel  - 90 Seats

Acacia Chapel - 80 Seats

Centennial Park :

Mawson Chapel - 40 Seats

Florey Chapel - 90 Seats

Heysen Chapel - 250+ Seats

  Folland Chapel - Enfield Memorial Park


Cremation process

Cremation is the act of transforming a person’s  remains from the physical form into ashes or cremated remains (cr’s) in a cremator.

There is a myth that you don't get the cremated remains of the person who is cremated.  This is very false as the cremator can only take one cremation at a time. The control and document trail is very strict with each cremation allocated a number, checked many times with the coffin or casket nameplate (which is removed prior to cremation), with all following the cremated remains from start to finish.  

When we arrive at the crematorium, the crematorium staff will check all the relevant documents and when there are no issues, the person can be cremated. The average cremation takes about an hour and, after a cooling period, the remains are processed into fine grains and placed into the receiving urn.  Pacemakers and the like are all removed as part of a normal mortuary procedures.

Crematorium Chapel Funeral Service

The crematorium funeral is one of the most popular choices in funeral services in Adelaide. The normal  total time for the funeral service is from 30 – 45 minutes, as there are usually other funeral services taking place. Your funeral director needs time before and after the funeral to look after the wishes of the family, check music or DVDs, and collect flowers, spare cards and other items after the funeral so it’s clear for the next family. If you think you need more time, you can book two chapel times at an additional cost.

Cremation Urns

All of Adelaide’s crematoriums will supply as standard a simple plastic urn and this is fine if you are scattering the cremated remains. We have available a selection of cremation urns to choose from if required.  Our preferred suppliers catalogue is listed on our cremation urn page for you to download at look at.  

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