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Coffin or Casket Choices

When arranging a funeral, you will have the option of whether to purchase a coffin or a casket for the deceased.  The decision of whether to have a coffin or casket is one of personal preference, and/or cost.

A coffin is more traditionally shaped with a tapered head, shoulder and foot end. It might be made of any of a variety of materials, such as custom wood, timber veneer, composite materials or solid timber.

A casket is rectangular in shape and generally is hinged on one side. The lid is lined and is much larged than a coffin.

Clarke Family Funerals have access to a very large range of coffins and caskets.  Colin Clarke, manager of Clarke Family Funerals managed a casket manufacturer for many years and can arrange to customise whatever you select during the arrangement.  Below are a small sample of what we have available.

Australian Made Coffins - MDF and Veneer

Limited Satin

A simple plain satin finish coffin. Colour varies subject to availability from our supplier.

Eton Satin

A teak veneer coffin in a satin finish.  Our traditional set cremation service coffin included as standard for many of the funerals we provide.


Banksia in Oak, Rosewood or Walnut Gloss

Available in a variety of colours with rosewood and walnut being the most popular.

Sapelle Gloss

Sapelle (cedar) colour in a full gloss finish.  A traditional old style coffin design.

Wiltshire Rosewood

A single raised lid design in a rich rosewood gloss finish. Available with gold lines and goldtone fittings for additional fee.

Wiltshire Walnut

A single raised lid design in a warm walnut gloss finish.

Swan White

A single raised lid design in a warm white finish with premium quality wooden handles. 

Bradford Rosewood

A double raised lid design in a rich rosewood gloss.

Banksia White

Flat lid design in a warm white finish with gold or silver fixed bar handles. 

Banksia "Two Tone"

Something different in a two tone walnut and cedar gloss finish.

Australian Made Solid Timber Coffins

Colonial Pine

Solid Pine with a light oil stain in a satin finish

Denman Cedar 

Solid cedar timber coffin with a rich cedar gloss finish.

Australian Made Caskets

Grecian Rosewood Casket - Full Lid

A premium quality Australian casket made from composite materials. Available in a full gloss rosewood finish


Expression Coffin


Expression coffins are available in the above designs or can be designed to your own specific requirements.  All are enviroboard coffins with a water based film wrapped around the lid and box. 

Please contact us for an exact estimate. 


We have chosen to be a little different with our selection of coffins and caskets.

Our range consists of a large variety of colours, designs and handles ranging in price from $290 to $5,500.  Every budget is provided for.  

Cardboard Coffins

Our cardboard coffins are made from 100% biodegradable post-consumer  recycled cardboard. They have extra thick honeycomb and corrugated panels that exceed all the normal requirements of a quality coffin.

A Natural Choice
Coffins are equipped with solid fixing points for each of the six coffin handles, which can be rope (or other organic material), or for a more traditional look, gold coloured die cast. The external appearance of the coffin can be traditional with dignified characteristics, natural "kraft" finish or can even be personalised - painted or decorated by friends and family.

Eco Friendlier Range


Eco Coffin:

A simple cardboard coffin with and without jute rope handles.  Can be drawn on, painted and stickers stuck all over.




The Pine :

Plantation pine with a natural oil finish, 100% pine construction.   





Wicker Coffin - Standard

Our traditional looking wicker coffin with a reinforced bottom and natural handles.  Best suited to having native flowers on top.

We have 6 different Wicker, Willow, Seagrass and Bamboo design available to choose from.





The Wool :

This coffin is made from 100% pure new wool and recycled cardboard frame with strengthened end panels.  It has organic cotton liner and filling sourced through the Global Organic Textile Standard. Made in Yorkshire UK









Batesville Caskets

The Batesville Difference      Download photo catalogue here

Batesville caskets represent a unique choice available to families in Australia. Different from traditional coffins, Batesville caskets are larger, more substantial vessels made from the finest materials with unique features to help memorialise the lives of loved ones.

For over one hundred years, Batesville has manufactured the finest caskets available anywhere in the world. Superior craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and constant innovation have become the hallmarks of the Batesville brand. Batesville has always taken immense pride in fulfilling the needs of funeral directors as they serve families in their hour of greatest need, and we never forget that each of our products play an important role in representing a precious life of a loved one.

Batesville Caskets

Hardwood caskets include a variety of species: mahogany, maple, and poplar. These caskets are the choice of families who appreciate and cherish the qualities of natural wood. The warmth, beauty and personality it brings to fine furniture makes it ideally suitable for the construction of quality caskets.

Metal caskets include those made from bronze, copper, stainless steel and steel.  These caskets are known for their unique finishes. Bronze and copper are among the most durable and beautiful of metals; both are naturally non-rusting. Stainless and carbon steel caskets come in a variety of grades, gauges, styles, and finishes.

Why Families Choose Caskets

Caskets are selected for a variety of reasons. Many families choose caskets because of long-standing family traditions. For some, caskets are appropriate due to a specific religious or ethnic background.  Still other families simply want the very best for their loved-one and feel a casket is the right choice to honour the person they have lost.

Download photo catalogue here


Wicker or Willow caskets are hand crafted by skilled weavers. They are suitable for green burial and clean cremation. Each casket features natural flax rope handles for carrying, along with a natural cotton interior lining with leak resistant base, pillow and privacy shield. The caskets have secure and simple to use lid closures.
Since the caskets are handmade, they may vary slightly in color and appearance. Each casket has a flat strawboard underside to provide added strength and simplify vehicle transfer. 

Expressions Coffins

Our Expression Coffins are beautifully handmade by master craftsmen and wrapped in photographic quality images, using the latest eco-friendly technology. The richness of colour and vibrance of an Expression Coffin is truly stunning.

Time permitting, you can supply your own images to be beautifully presented on the coffin.

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